How To Host The Perfect Party This Summer

Summer’s well and truly upon us and, now that the weather has finally decided to settle down with scorching temperatures and clear blue skies, it’s the perfect time to consider hosting summer parties. Whether you’re a fan of BBQs and hog roasts, or prefer something a little more quaint or formal, we can provide you with culinary perfection for your next part – whatever you budget, part size and tastes.

While food is one of the most important elements to any successful gathering, there are other factors to consider and this latest article runs through a few vital things to think about before setting your party date.

1. Invest In Entertainment

Entertainment can be a great way to make any summer party memorable – whether it’s a DJ or live band, or something inventive like karaoke. You can invest in the professional entertainment or, if there’s some talent in your family or amongst your friends, then you can band together to get party entertainment with a personal touch.

2. Choose Your Day Wisely!

British summers have the capacity to be glorious – cloudless, deep blue skies, the sun beating down and a pleasant breeze keeping you comfortable. But they can also be the complete opposite; we’ve seen this summer how quickly it can change from 30 degree temperatures to torrential downpours complete with thunder and lightning.

With this in mind, choose your day wisely – late July to mid-August is usually the best weather wise for the summer, but keep an eagle eye on weather forecasts. Things can easily change in a few days, and you have to assume no weather is set in stone – prepare for every eventuality!

3. Consider Gazebos For Shelter

While you can do all the preparation in the world, like number two on this list, the British weather is notoriously unpredictable – it can be scorching hot one moment, and raining stair-rods the next. Whichever extreme weather condition decides to show up on the day of your summer party, shelter is going to be key and you’re not likely to be able to cram all your guests inside. Whether it’s providing shade from a beating sun or keeping your guests dry, investing in a few large gazebos can be a great addition to your party.

4. Perfect Outdoor Catering

You can gather everyone together, ensure the weather is perfect and provide entertainment, but the key to any good summer party is the food – and we here at The Chef’s Kitchen can help. Providing party catering to Northampton, Rugby, Coventry and throughout the Midlands, we can provide a wide range of foods, from cold summer buffets to hot BBQ food and whole hog roasts.

Whatever you’ve got planned for your summer party, whether it’s a light and relaxed party, a BBQ with family and friends, or something that bit more formal, we can help provide exiting and delicious menu options for events of any style and any size.

For more information on our party catering services simply call us today on 0800 977 4680 or get in touch using our website’s online contact form – we’ll be happy to help you plan your summer party to perfection.