Wow Your Bosses: How To Create The Perfect Corporate Event

Being put in charge of your next corporate event can be an incredibly daunting task, as perfection is key. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve planned them before, or if the guests don’t include anyone from outside the company, everything has to go off without a hitch and leave a good impression on all those who attend.

This vital advice can help set you on the right track to plan your next event to perfection, with everything from the venue to the catering needed to be given meticulous and careful consideration before you set anything in stone.

Find The Perfect Venue

The venue is vital in providing a perfect setting for your event – one that effectively reflects the tone of the event, as well as your business. As well as this it has to be practical too, being large enough to accommodate the number of guests that you anticipate, but without being too big to the point where you unnecessarily blow your budget.

First impressions are key as well, so don’t choose the kind of venue that creates the wrong impression or presents the wrong image for your company or your event. If you plan on your event being extravagant and stylish, then the venue needs to reflect this – similarly, if you’re trying to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere then somewhere overtly elegant is perhaps not the best choice.

Ensure Impeccable Service

Once everything is planned and everyone is at the venue ready for the even to take place, most things are not in your hands anymore – they’re in the hands of those that you’ve employed to take care of major facets of the event, whether it’s entertainment, bar work or catering.

It’s therefore vital that whoever you enlist to provide these services is incredibly professional, courteous and catering to your needs and the needs of all of the event’s attendees – you wouldn’t serve a finger-food BBQ for a high-end event designed for company managers and shareholders, but something a bit more refined, such as a banquet or simple canapés, would suit perfectly.

To really create the perfect corporate event that everyone will remember, you can rely on The Chef’s kitchen to provide catering, waiting and bar service throughout the duration of your event for a simple, all-inclusive fee.

We have a variety of menus to suit a wide range of styles of event, as well as bespoke menu options providing exquisite catering services in Rugby, Coventry, Northampton and the surrounding areas in the West Midlands. To discuss how we can help make your next corporate event go down a storm, call us today on 0800 977 4680.